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It should be fun

22 Feb

Crossdressing activity should not mess with other aspects of life. It shoud be either integrated in regular life (being full time or simply be out of the closet) or be merely a hobby. And like other hobbies and activities, if it takes time & resources from the important things like true friends, work, spirituality, and mostly family, then it is a problem that has to be solved.

It’d be comparable with a social drinking and being alcoholic. First one is fun, very fun. Second one is a real pain in the b… the problem is not drinking itself, but being carried away.


Crossdressing @ home and hiding, like always.

I respect all transgender girls and highly admire them. But I have to admit that a lot of us get carried away into things larger than we can handle. Perhaps things that don’t even belong to us. Because we can. And that doesn’t mean it’s the best for us. I’m not talking about anyone in particular, as every story is unique; all I can do is to extend an invitation, before we make strong decisions that will affect us, to really silence the world and the mind and listen to our true selves deep inside our hearts.

Yeah, I get it, but no. The mind and the body are so clever, that they can easily make you think it’s the heart speaking. The heart speaks very quietly, and it’s hard to listen to it, and when it does what you sense is peace. Then you’ll know that’s your true self.

You can start excercising this peaceful listening by praying.

Kisses & blessings.